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Convenient, Secure & Paperless Solution to Conduct Board Meeting.

eMeetings is a Board Meeting Software and a flagship product of MobiTrail. This paperless eMeetings software has been successfully deployed and running across 100+ organizations across India. The board meeting application is simple and has an intuitive User Interface making it easy to use. The system offers high availability and is highly stable in its performance across all interfaces.

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Commitee User Management

Create multiple exclusive committees as per requirements with mapping of Board members and their access to them as per theirrelevance to them.

Scheduling and Pre-Meeting Activities

Setting up of the Calendar, Meeting Agenda, Documentation etc. can be managed over the Admin in an organised manner.

Notifications & Updates

Automated notifications for updates or changes in meeting schedules, agenda items or documents, and when any new notice or circular resolutions added.


Works in both Online and Offline modes with real-time sync when online. Automated delayed sync offered for offline activities when network is available.


Apart from pre-meeting document handling, consolidation of agenda and other meeting documents, draft MoM, Final MoM, Notices, Short-notice can all be managed and archived.

In-Meeting Activities

Voting Resolutions, Meeting In-Progress etc. can all be undertaken over the eMeetings app.


Native app tablets* and phones for iOS and android. Also compatible for desktop browsers.

*Run eMeetings on iPads for the best experience.

Ergonomic & Intuitive User Interface

Meeting and Agenda-wise sorting, convenient navigation, annotations, notes, bookmarks with indexing and add to briefcase for quick referral.

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